Recent updates to Percona-Server-55 RPM


I am an administrator for a managed hosting provider. We’ve found several servers within our datacenters using Percona Server which did not properly start MySQL after an update was applied using yum. The logs paint a pretty clear picture that indicates that the server was stopped during the update, but never started back up. I am curious to see if others have experienced similar issues, and I’d like to know if this will be fixed in future updates if it’s determined to be an issue with the rpm.

So far as I’ve found so far, the issue appears to only affect RHEL 6 servers running Percona-Server-server-55-5.5.30-rel30.2.500. We only run RHEL6 on x86_64 bit arch so I can’t say whether or not i386 would be affected. Below are the relevant log lines from yum.log and mysqld.log which help to associate the shutdown to the update.

yum.log Apr 12 05:36:21 Updated: Percona-Server-shared-55-5.5.30-rel30.2.500.rhel6.x86_64Apr 12 05:36:24 Updated: Percona-Server-client-55-5.5.30-rel30.2.500.rhel6.x86_64Apr 12 05:36:49 Updated: Percona-Server-server-55-5.5.30-rel30.2.500.rhel6.x86_64Apr 12 05:36:50 Updated: Percona-Server-shared-compat-5.5.30-rel30.2.500.rhel6.x86_64# mysqld.log130412 5:36:27 InnoDB: Starting shutdown…130412 5:36:38 InnoDB: Shutdown completed; log sequence number 5152021298130412 5:36:38 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete

We also had this issue with the RHEL5 repo on a RHEL 5.8 box. We’ve only had this with the Percona-Server-server-55-5.5.30-rel30.2.500.rhel5 (x64_64) release, never with previous.

I just ran the update for:


and experienced the same issue. Server was shut down upon update but never restarted.

The above behavior occurred last night for me on RHEL5 x64. Looks like it’s a newer RPM.

Apr 18 03:26:05 Updated: Percona-Server-shared-55-5.5.30-rel30.2.502.rhel5.x86_64

Apr 18 03:26:06 Updated: Percona-Server-client-55-5.5.30-rel30.2.502.rhel5.x86_64

Apr 18 03:26:19 Updated: Percona-Server-server-55-5.5.30-rel30.2.502.rhel5.x86_64

Apr 18 03:26:20 Updated: Percona-Server-devel-55-5.5.30-rel30.2.502.rhel5.x86_64

Here’s a copy of the install script: [url][/url]

It has been fixed: [url][/url]