Community MeetUp for PMM, Sept 29th 2021

The Community MeetUp for PMM will be live from the Open Source Summit in Seattle. We will talk about database monitoring, discuss PMM in detail and also do a tour of the Summit during a one hour live stream. Matt Yonkovit, The HOSS at Percona, and Michael Coburn, Principal Architect at Percona will answer your question right away. You can ask questions in-person from the Percona booth or virtually.

Join us!
Day: Wednesday Sept 29th, 2021 at 11:00am EDT (5:00 pm CEST or 8:30 pm IST)
Live streaming on YouTube and Twitch
Live chatting on Discord
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This will be an extraordinary one-hour Live Broadcast MeetUp from the OSS Summit, to talk about open source databases, observability and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL with PMM, enhancing, customizing PMM and Grafana, and finding those tough database problems. Our experts Matt Yonkovit and Michael Coburn will make a PMM Demo and answer all your questions in-person or virtually.

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