Can't monitor the secondary node in mongodb replication

I deployed a mongodb sharded cluster on my servers.The cluster has two shards: rs0 : PRIMARY-SECONDARY-ARBITOR rs1: PRIMARY-SECONDARY-ARBITOR. And I deployed pmm2 (Both server and client version are 2.17) to monitor the cluster.I followed the official document to deploy the pmm2.x.However, when I watch the mongodb repliset summary tag, The monitoring data of nodes in the same replica set is the same as the primary node which means I can’t monitor the secondary node.How can I solve this problem?Thank you.

Hi @webstock_zt

The issue with nodes ReplSet states has been fixed in 2.18.0
Please update pmm2-client to the latest version.


Thank you @adivinho!
I have updated pmm2 to version 2.18.0 and the problem is solved.

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