Cannot delete backup stuck in "starting" state

Hello together,

in most of the cases PBM works great, but now I have a “not-backup” in my backups list which cannot be deleted:

    2022-09-09T22:05:14Z 26.96GB <logical> [complete: 2022-09-09T22:35:35Z]
    2022-09-03T22:05:15Z 26.96GB <logical> [complete: 2022-09-03T22:34:27Z]
    2022-08-31T10:05:11Z 0.00B <logical> [ERROR: Backup stuck at `starting` stage, last beat ts: 1661940427] [2022-08-31T10:07:07Z]
    2022-08-28T04:05:10Z 24.96GB <logical> [complete: 2022-08-28T04:35:08Z]
    2022-08-20T22:05:15Z 24.94GB <logical> [complete: 2022-08-20T22:33:46Z]

Result when I try to delete it:

Are you sure you want delete backup(s)? [y/N] y
Waiting for delete to be done ..Error: deleting: unable to delete backup in starting state

Any ideas? - Thanks in advance! Andreas

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