Backup wouldn't cancel and now stuck in running state

I started a backup of a 3 node replica set to s3 storage by running

pbm backup --wait

I then wanted to cancel the backup, so I CTRL+C the pbm command. The backup continued to run, so then I did

pbm cancel-backup

I saw the acknowledgement of the cancel command in the pbm logs but still the backup continued to run.

I waited several hours but it did not stop.

Finally, i stopped the pbm-agent on all 3 replica set nodes. This stopped the backup.

However now I cannot delete the backup. When I run pbm delete-backup "2022-11-22T17:31:22Z" I get the error

Waiting for delete to be done ..Error: deleting: unable to delete backup in running state

But when I run pbm status it says

`Currently running:


How can I clear the running state and remove the backup?


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