Cannot convert to Percona XtraDB cluster because latest version is older than latest version of Percona server

I am running Debian 10 (Buster). Currently running percona-server-server 8.0.33-25-1.buster.

I can’t install (i.e. upgrade to using same datadir…) percona-xtradb-cluster-server because the latest version available is 8.0.32-24-2.buster.

To clarify, the installer fails with the error message “Cannot boot server version 80032 on a data directory built by version 80033”.

I was wondering if and/or when a 8.0.33-25-1 or newer version of percona-xtradb-cluster-server will be released?


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Hi @Patrick_C,

What you’re trying to achieve is basically a downgrade and it is not supported straight forward.
As noted in this question, quoting Matthew

We don’t follow any particular release schedule. Each time a new community version is released, we must manually merge all changes from upstream with our own changes. This takes time. How much time is dependent on how many backwards-breaking things MySQL introduce in that version.

That said, looking at release dates for past versions, it should release by end of this month but don’t quote me on that :slight_smile:

If you cannot wait, your only straightforward option is use logical restore to the 8.0.32 PXC.


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Hey @Patrick_C,
As Percona’s lead MySQL trainer, I share your frustration here in that we don’t release the same versions of PS and PXC at the same time. PXC is wildly more complicated than plain PS. The PS team does their stuff to upgrade, then the PXC team (different teams) takes the new PS and does the PXC stuff to it. MySQL 8, in general, can’t be downgraded. You can wait until PXC8.0.33 comes out, or as Kedar said, take a logical dump of 8.0.33 PS and restore it to PXC 8.0.32. Or, you can use Group Replication, which is also fully supported by Percona and (now) native to MySQL.