Percona-Xtradb-Cluster and MySQL version mismatch


I have installed percona-xtradb-cluster using the following command:

sudo apt-get install percona-xtradb-cluster=1:8.0.22-13-1.focal

But pxc installed the different (latest) version of MySQL.

mysql  Ver 8.0.23-14.1 for Linux on x86_64 (Percona XtraDB Cluster (GPL), Release rel14, Revision 3b9a1d, WSREP version 26.4.3)
  1. So, may I know why pxc is installing the latest version of MySQL?
  2. How can I install MySQL with version=1:8.0.22-13-1.focal? (Need this specific version because my whole cluster is on this version)
sudo apt-get install percona-xtradb-cluster=1:8.0.22-13-1.focal
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
percona-xtradb-cluster is already the newest version (1:8.0.22-13-1.focal).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 277 not upgraded.
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@robingaur ,
Have you verified the actual server version? You can only do that after you start MySQL. Disable the wsrep parameters and start the server to see what is in the logs.


Hi, as a current workaround you’ll need to specify the versions of all the percona-xtradb-cluster packages, not just the meta package. So running:

apt-get install percona-xtradb-cluster=1:8.0.22-13-1.focal percona-xtradb-cluster-client=1:8.0.22-13-1.focal percona-xtradb-cluster-common=1:8.0.22-13-1.focal percona-xtradb-cluster-server=1:8.0.22-13-1.focal -V

should get you all the packages on the version you wanted.


Thanks, @hrvojem.

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