Minor update xtraDB cluster 8.0.34 -> 8.0.35

Hello Team.

We have already installed percona-xtradb-cluster.x86_64 8.0.34
and want to update to xtradb-cluster.x86_64 8.0.35

To do it without losing data, we want to use next command:

dnf update xtradb-cluster.x86_64 8.0.34

Please say its will do update without losing data and certs wouldn’t be updated?

Should work…

Some suggestions:

  • Test in a lower setup first…
  • I tend to keep my certs in a different directory when setting up systems (This makes sure the upgrade does redo the certs
  • Backups (and TEST THEM!!!)
  • Make sure you update the Xbackup as well
  • Get ready for lots of native mysql_auth is no longer supported messages in the error logs
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also one question: in our cluster we have 3 nodes: 2 with 8.0.34 and one with 8.0.35.

When we bootstrapped first 8.0.34 - node ( with 8.0.35) can join but otherwise its not working. How we can temporary disable check version of nodes in cluster?

You can’t. Do not try to run normal operations with 2/3 as .34 and 1/3 as .35. Finish upgrading the nodes. This is called a “rolling upgrade”. Stop node1, upgrade to .35, start, let it join. Stop node2. upgrade. etc. repeat for node3.

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