Can we monitor or setup alerts if PMM is unable to reach a client installed on one of the server it is being monitored

Hi All,

We created a High level health check summary dashboard for all the servers that are being monitored in which it shows when one of the value get triggered it will list that server along with information that triggered.

Recently I was testing something and came across a scenario where one of the server that is being monitored went down, no alerts or status is shown that the server is reachable. Hence I would like to set an alert or add this to my status dashboard where if PMM is not able to reach one of the server that is already being monitored then it should show status “server is unreachable”.

How do I set this?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @tee952,
We have preinstalled alert templates in PMM and there should be template called PMM agent down, you can setup it to receive alerts in case of PMM Client is down.