Alerts on PMM

Hi all.

I am working to create a new dashboard with alerts for all the servers i am using and i really spending a lot of time on that,
there are a few things that are general and are probably needed by all, like: replication monitoring/disk space / cpu usage/ disk utilization / server up or down/ connections/ locks / etc…
Do we plan to add something like that to PMM? if so when (to save me the time creating everything from nothing).
if not, dose some one has a dashboard will all the general test he can share ?

Thank you,

Hi alon,

it is very hot topic, everyone know that PMM needs alerting, but we still on discussion stage.
We want be careful and add only needed and universal alerts which fits for all and don’t produce false positive and false negative alarms/errors.
It can take many time for careful planning and testing.

But if you can share your dashboards with us, it will be great, we can start adding your alerts one-by-one (with internal review and testing).


I am working on the board but i am not sure how i can share it, it contains all me servers names and databases, its a lot of data to clean up.
i couldn’t find away to run an alert on all my servers. ($host, etc).

Also, the telegram ingrations what send to a telegram group is amazing but in has a bug that dose not send the data to the group, we need to fix it but i am having issues with testing the fix on the docker server, we might need to wait for someone to take the issue i have opened.