Bad id for the Percona repositories file

I dodn’t know if my comment should be in this forum, as I didn’t see anywhere more appropriate and I use the XtraDB cluster I’ll post here but obviously move it if it should be elsewhere.

During one of my recent regular upgrades I noticed that the following message was being shown during the repo refresh:

Bad id for repo: percona-release-$basearch, byte = $ 16
Bad id for repo: tools-release-$basearch, byte = $ 14

This seems to be caused by a recent change to the repo file and it’s this:


and it’s caused by using the variable “$basearch” in the repo id, if I change it to the following:


The repos gets updated correctly and I can see the available Percona updates. I’m no expert but my understanding was that you couldn’t use spaces or special characters in the repo name, am I wrong?

Just for completeness, I’m using dnf for my package manager and the “bad id” error shows with that, if I use yum for the update that error doesn’t show but neither do any available update.

If I’ve missed anything just let me know.