Percona yum repo changes caused CentOS6 MySQL Server to fail

I only use percona-xtrabackup from you yum repositories.

Today I performed a regular “yum update”. Afterwards, my MySQL Server failed on all machines I performed the update to.
Reason for this are several changes you made to your RPM archives.

  1. percona-release in one of the former versions moved /etc/yum.repos.d/Percona.repo to Percona.repo.rpmsave and installed new /etc/yum.repos.d/percona-release.repo.
    I had special settings in Percona.repo to avoid any unwanted updates from your repository:

“includepkgs=percona-release percona-toolkit percona-xtrabackup-20”

  1. Todays update installed Percona-Server-shared-51-5.1.73-rel14.12.624.rhel6.x86_64, which obsoletes mysql-libs.

With this 2 changes, you corrupted my default CentOS 6 MySQL Server installation, as /etc/my.cnf gets uninstalled and all the language dirs are missing in /usr/share/mysql.

Thank you for such invasive repo changes. Took me some time to repair my servers. :mad: