Async replication using ProxySQL


There is possibility for asynchronous replication with XtraDB cluster. I have tested it with following cases:

  1. XtraDB1 → XtraDB2
  2. Standalonedb → XtraDB

It seems to work really well. And it even posses self-healing features. If the node where replication is configured goes down, then the replication will be configured on another node.

I have mostly followed this guide: Set up Percona XtraDB Cluster cross-site replication, but also viewed some blog writings.

So my question: should async replication work with ProxySQL? I was not able to get it to work in my tests.


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Hey @katajistok ,

we rely on Asynchronous Replication Automatic Connection Failover feature introduced in 8.0.22: MySQL 8.0.22: Asynchronous Replication Automatic Connection (IO Thread) Failover - Percona Database Performance Blog

You can still have ProxySQL as a proxy, but replication does not go through ProxySQL - it goes directly through the nodes.

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Thanks, so proper way would be then to expose nodes as nodePort type of service or in our case as Loadbalancer -type of MetalLB service…? I’ll try this one.
In case of standalonedb, I think I did try this already, but I’ll do a new test (standalonedb → XtraDB which is using ProxySQL).

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I had a working async replication between 3 standalone MySQL source servers and XtraDB (which was using HAProxy). Database is few hundred gigs.
I run down the XtraDB cluster and switched from HAProxy to ProxySQL. Now it’s not starting at all. I tried to collect some logs etc over here: proxysqltest - Paste-bin.
What could be the reason for this?

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Could you please provide steps to reproduce?

Judging by the logs it has something to do with system users. Have you changed any passwords as well? Or maybe cleared the secrets?

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