Adding support for non-AWS S3 Backup Storage Location


I recently installed Everest on a RKE2 Cluster and I tried to add a Backup Storage Location.
The problem is that Everest works with “s3-uri-style: host” and adds the prefixes the S3 endpoint with the bucket name when calling and checking the URL :

It would be great to give the possibility to choose between host and path for the s3-uri-path.
This could allow to build S3 URI this way :

It will be usefull for any users that don’t use AWS S3 but private S3 infrastructure.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Baptiste,

Thank you for trying out Percona Everest and submitting your feedback! In general Percona Everest does support any S3 compatible storages, it doesn’t have to be AWS S3. There is one caveat here, Everest right now supports only the URL path type but we have in our backlog stories to add support for URI as well but they are not currently planned for Q1. Saying that we’re keeping our eyes and ears open and if we see more requests for URI we will re-prioritise. Can you share a bit more about what storage technology/product you’re using in your set-up?

Thank you for your contribution!
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Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for the detailed answer you gave.

It is indeed the problem here, we’re using S3 SGWS NetApp.
The URI path type is the only option available to access the SGWS from a client.

We already tried and approved the Operators Percona PXC and Percona PostgreSQL by using CRDs and manifests manually.

We wanted to use Everest to make it easier from customers to deploy and manage containerised databases.
Everest is a great product and I would be happy to use it, but right now it lacks some features, sadly.

I’m glad that you took this feature into account.


Thank you for the details, we are constantly improving Everest and release new features every month. I would love to connect and learn a bit more about which features you’re missing to successfully use Everest in your setup. If you’re open to a zoom call please reach out to me via email so we can arrange it.

Thank you!

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