Accessing the Everest API


I’m interested in using the Everest API but couldn’t find documentation on how to expose it in the k8s cluster. I’d like to make it accessible on a public IP. Any tips?

UPDATE: I was able to do this by setting up a service load balancer. However, I see the service is exposed over HTTP only. What would be the easiest way to set up TLS?

Hi, perhaps you may find these links helpful

  1. How to configure HTTPS, accordingly the API will use this as well.
    Securing Percona Everest with Ingress and Cert-Manager

  2. API docs:
    API - Percona Everest

  3. Percona Everest endpoints

When you use the Percona Everest UI in a browser, that too uses the Server API. Open the browser dev instrument and see which requests are sent with which parameters. That might help.