"Access denied." error when using LDAP login with restricted permission

Hi, we are setting up LDAP login on our PMM2 installation, the login is successful and we are able to see the dashboards, but we see and “Access denied” error popping up on the page:

Looking at the network requests, the failed ones are POST to http://xxxxx/v1/Settings/Get.

On a user with Admin privileges we noticed the usual response is something like this:

  "settings": {
    "telemetry_enabled": xxx,
    "metrics_resolutions": {
      "hr": "xxx",
      "mr": "xxx",
      "lr": "xxx"
    "data_retention": "xxx",
    "aws_partitions": [

How can we avoid having this error popping up on Viewer or Editor users?


Hi Douglas,

Which PMM version is used?
The issue was fixed in 2.13.0


Hello adivinho, it is 2.12.0. Thank you for the quick and precise response, we will plan for the update.

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