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The Percona Operator for PostgreSQL is based on best practices for configuration and setup of a Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL on Kubernetes. The benefits of the Operator are many, but saving time and delivering a consistent and vetted environment is the key.

  • Deploy easily - create a Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL environment with no single point of failure and the ability to span multiple activity or availability zones
  • Scale Your Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL Cluster – change the size parameter to add or remove members of the cluster.
  • Automate Your Backups – configure pgBackRest backups to run on a scheduled basis and support simple restores.
  • Provide Point-in-Time Recovery – enables users to roll back the cluster to a specific time, transaction id, or recovery point.
  • Automate node recovery - use the self-healing capability to automatically recover from a failure of a single Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL Cluster node.
  • Provide data encryption - rely on support for data encryption in transit.
  • Support private data registries - access information from a private registry to enhance security.