Zabbix with Percona Cluster

Hi, I am not sure what you mean? Do you want to monitor Percona XtraDB Cluster with Zabbix or do you want the Zabbix use PXC as it’s database backend?

Hello, i need help.
I want to [COLOR=#252C2F]the Zabbix use PXC as it’s database backend in master-master mode(host1<—>host2). I have a few questions with this task:

  1. In host1, i have a few mysql-databases and one zabbix-database. I want to replicate just zabbix-database. Can i exclude other databases and set to replicate just one zabbix-database?
  2. Even if i can’t exclude a databases replication in host1. In host2, i have a few mysql-databases. I don’t want to replicate this databases. I want them to continue to work on as before. I want to PXC do not touch my exsiting databases in host2. Is the PXC - keep my existing, working databases in host2?

P.S. Sorry for my ugly english.