Zabbix graphing issue

Hi, I’m working on running zabbix to monitor Percona servers and when I look at the graphs, they seem a bit off. I am using trappers instead of agent checks but I seem to be getting the right values so I don’t think it has anything to do with that. If I look at the graph for InnoDB I/O, the y max axis only goes from 0 - 1.2, but I’m getting values around 21-155/s so it isn’t calculating right. I’m using Zabbix 2.0.13…anyone else having this issue? Also, the screen “MySQL Graphs” is totally empty but I can deal with just the stacked regular graphs working correctly. We have other calculated y max axis and they seem fine but the Percona graphs are all not calculating correctly.

See below:

Fixed the issue. Seemed to be something in the way the template created the graphs. I recreated all the graphs and now it works.