Xtradb Scalability

We are planning to convert our existing Mysql to xtradb cluster but the DB size is around 400GB wanted to know how long does the SST file transfer will take incase of adding a new node or recovering a node from failure so can set the expectations.
If the SST take hours to sync between nodes is there an better approach for large size database.
Thank you in advance.

Hi imurugan and welcome to our Forum…

Well, I’ve asked for you and have a couple of ideas to share.

First is that you could check how long it takes to copy the 400GB database from one server to another over your network. You can use socat http://www.dest-unreach.org/socat/doc/socat.html

Next suggestion - you could try taking a backup and streaming it, the how to on that is here https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-…kx_stream.html

## On the destination host:
$ nc -l 9999 | cat - > /data/backups/backup.tar
## On the source host:
$ innobackupex --stream=tar ./ | nc desthost 9999

Once you have these times, then you can adjust to allow for user load during, multiply your estimated time by a factor to allow for unforeseen things - you will probably know your environment and what to expect.

See how you get on?

Thank you for the input. Speaking about high level missed the basics on we can’t beat the network pipe (understood). We use rsync for our smaller environments which seem to have do the job for us.
I know the question is vague but is there any limitation and you do not recommend customer to use xtradb if it goes beyond <> size ?.