XtraDB Cluster with .Net Entity Framework 6.2

Hi, I have an existing system running .Net with EntityFramework 6 connecting to a MySQL database using the Oracle .Net Connector. I would like to migrate my database to XtraDB Cluster with 3 nodes for performance reasons.

So firstly I would like to check that this is compatible and a recommended thing to do.

Secondly I am having a problem.

I have created an XtraDB Cluster Node (boot strapped) that I am testing to see if it works with my EF6 application. I’ve imported my existing database via mysqldump… At an initial basic level it seems to work. I can connect, authenticate etc. However I’ve wanted to run a migration (update the database schema) and have had the following error message.

“Percona-XtraDB-Cluster doesn’t recommend using SERIALIZABLE isolation with pxc_strict_mode = ENFORCING”

I don’t really want to turn off strict mode. Does anyone have experience with EF6 and PXC that can recommend how I should deal with this?


PS. I solved my problem. I had to deal with capitalisation differences in the previous database and the new one.