[5.6] XtraDB Cluster to Cluster migration


I have the following problematic, I have a running XtraDB cluster in 5.6 branch (3 Masters+1 Replication Slave)

Since we are moving our infrastructure to another provider far away, I need to migrate all the databases (except mysql.*) to a new 5.6 XtraDB cluster (with 3 Masters + 1 Replication slave) I have created with ClusterControl.

Is there a proper way to daisy chain (in a one way sync fashion) the old cluster replication slave to the new replication slave one (so the replication slave in the new cluster can push data into the new cluster) then I can do some streaming replication and just connect my application to the new cluster when replication is done and seamlessly migrate my users ?

Thanks for your help

One alternative is to make the new cluster nodes part of existing cluster and avoid running any workload on new cluster node.
Once these cluster node catches up (using SST+IST) then slowly migrate the workload application and eventually shutdown the old nodes.

Other alternative is backup and restore but this will have some missing write-set unless downtime is possible.