Xtradb-cluster-operator: SmartUpdate schedule ignored


Operator version: percona/percona-xtradb-cluster-operator:1.12.0

I have PXC cluster running in kubernetes and would like to understand how does smartUpdate feature exactly work.

According to this

SmartUpdate strategy is not just for simplifying upgrades. Being turned on, it allows to disable automatic upgrades, and still controls restarting Pods in a proper order for changes triggered by other events, such as updating a ConfigMap, rotating a password, or changing resource values.

however this does ot seem to be the case and updating, for example pxc.configuration restarts cluster immediately regardless of schedule in the upgradeOptions:

updateStrategy: SmartUpdate
    apply: Never
    schedule: 0 4 * * *
    versionServiceEndpoint: https://check.percona.com

How can I control when a cluster will be restarted for modifications?

I think I was too optimistic when reading that documentation :slight_smile:

I created a feature request for this [K8SPXC-1258] Expand SmartUpdate schedule to work not only for version upgrades but for other changes as well - Percona JIRA