How to gracefully restart the cluster without downtime?


Is there a recommended way to gracefully restart the pods one by one without taking the service down?
I tried a kubectl rollout restart statefulset perconamysql-pxc-db-pxc but it didn’t trigger any restarts.


Hello @b602fa9c,
You might want to take a look at this documentation. Why do you need to restart the cluster?

Ok so we need to modify the pxc config in some way? That’s what I did previously (changed the CPU limit slightly) but it would be nice to do it without having to change any settings.

The use case is if we need to pull in a new version of a non-percona sidecar container, e.g istio-proxy.

Hi @b602fa9c, I suggest using custom annotation for it. You can add spec.pxc.annotations: restarted-at: "28-06-23 to your CR, and all pxc pods will be restarted.

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