Xtrabackup version vs. xtradb-cluster version

Hi all

In 8.x branch the xtrabackup version should be the same as xtradb-cluster.

I might have upgraded to latest xtradb-cluster version too fast since there’s no equivalent xtrabackup for version 8.0.36:


Is it safe to use xtrabackup 8.0.35 on xtradb-cluster 8.0.36?

Hi @Lars_Erik_Dangvard_J,
I believe you will be OK as there were no on-disk changes between 8.0.35 and 8.0.36.

Hey @Lars_Erik_Dangvard_J
Yes we didn’t issue PXB-8.0.35 togeather with PXC 8.0.36 as it didn’t require major changes for PXB8.0.35 to work correctly with 8.0.36 PXC version