xtrabackup pulling binary filename + position at the time of backup

Is it possible to obtain the filename and position from ‘show master status’ output at the time of backup? This is our current configuration (it is managed by our cloud provider). I’d like to save the filename and position at the time of backup that way we can offload the backup and bring up a slave replica on the fly.

show master status;
| File | Position | Binlog_Do_DB | Binlog_Ignore_DB |
| mysql-bin.005210 | 938829934 | | |

This is the current xtrabackup.conf (pretty standard):

plugin = xtrabackup
backups-to-keep = 0
auto-purge-failures = yes
purge-policy = before-backup
estimated-size-factor = 0.22

global-defaults = /etc/my.cnf
innobackupex = innobackupex
stream = tar
apply-logs = yes
slave-info = yes
safe-slave-backup = no
no-lock = no
additional-options = ,

method = pigz
inline = yes
options = “-p8”
level = 1

defaults-extra-file = ~/.my.cnf,

I tried doing a search for the answer but didn’t find anything particularly useful- any help would be much appreciated- thanks!

I found the information I needed stored in /var/spool/holland/xtrabackup/xxxxx/xtrabackup.log :slight_smile: