how to get {master_log_file,mater_log_pos} when gtid_mode is enabled

GTID is enabled on my instance. when using xtrabackup with 1) --slave-info 2) --prepare options, there is only master_auto_position option in the xtrabackup_slave_info file, instead of master_log_file and master_log_pos.

Is there any option available on the current versions for my need? I need to pass {file,pos} to mysqlbinlog, which is used to taking back up binlogs every full backup later.

thanks in advance!

This link contains steps

Can you provide exact command used and listing of backup directory. Along with that version you are using.

$ xtrabackup --version

Sorry for my pool english…it might be not clear to clarify my issue before. Actually I only need {file, pos} from xtrabackup_slave_info, but I found that the --slave-info option could not get the pair value when gtid_mode is enabled.

a) As follow is my commands:
shell> ${xtrabackup} --defaults-file=${MYCNF} --slave-info --backup --target-dir=${localdir}/${bakdate}/ 2>${localdir}/xtrabackup_${bakdate}.log
shell>${xtrabackup} --defaults-file=${MYCNF} --prepare --target-dir=${localdir}/${bakdate}/ 2>${localdir}/xtrabackup_${bakdate}.log

b) xtrabackup version: 2.4.7

It seems like you are hitting this bug
Can you try Percona Xtrabackup 2.3.9 or 2.4.8 instead. In case, If still fails then provide listing of target directory and show us contents of xtrabackup_slave_info file

Thanks mirfan. I already read through the above bug. well I’m lucky to hit it :stuck_out_tongue: