Xtrabackup failing on SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES


We have recently upgraded our Percona XTRADB 5.7 cluster running on rhel7 with the following packages


After the upgrades we started to get the following error when running Xtrabackups:

Error: failed to fetch query result SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE 'wsrep_sync_wait': Native table 'performance_schema'.'global_variables' has the wrong structure

When running a query against GLOBAL VARIABLES we get a similiar error

mysql> show global variables;
ERROR 1682 (HY000): Native table 'performance_schema'.'global_variables' has the wrong structure

How do we resolve this? I saw a similar bug mentioned in 5.6.17-66.0 performance schema issues

Hi, did you run mysql_upgrade script as part of your upgrade process? it seems some of the internal tables did not get updated. You will need to run that script and restart the server to fix it.

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That part seems to have been missed with our yum upgrade. Running mysql_upgrade on all nodes and restarting them seems to have resolved the issue. thanks