xtrabackup 8.0 do not work with 8.0.19 cluster

Trying to evaluate the PXC for my project but afraid that all the things are still not mature. Created simple 3-node cluster + ProxySQL setup as stated in LATEST docs, played with sysbench all is ok. Next trying to backup it using xtrabackup and it fails. If I’m trying to connect to cluster over ProxySQL it fails to connect as seems like password is not propagated (!!!) :

If I’m trying to connect directly to any node the error is different:

What are the problems with xtrabackup here ? The most confusing is that it can’t even connect over ProxySQL

Hi, Thanks for testing PXC, Xtrabackup and Proxysql. The issue here is that Xtrabackup is not supposed to connect to the MySQL instance through ProxySQL since it is going to take a physical backup and does not work like mysqldump. We recommend you install xtrabackup on the node itself and take the backup from inside the node since xtrabackup will need direct access to the physical files.