xinet.d crashes on cluster nodes

I am running 3 node cluster on ubuntu 12.04 and recently i observed the xinetd process (which is a mechanism for cluster check to know if that node is active) crashes without much error in the syslog

has anyone faced this issue?

Can you paste what is exactly the message when xinetd dies? Also, is this a standard clustercheck script? Does it work when called manually?

the error in the syslog file is

Mar 14 06:42:33 db-cluster1-node1 xinetd[2527]: Exiting…

similar on all the nodes

yes i am using the standard cluster check script along with and yes it works if i call it manually and that throws me off too…


I am seeing the exact same activity on a cluster I built. What is weird is that on my home lab, I dont see the xinetd process restart itself. I am not even seeing any errors being logged. My cluster is setup on CentOS 6.5 all virtual machines.

It happened again today on my cluster where 2 nodes had their xinet.d process crash…any guidance here?

Is your xinetd enabled on system startup? The /etc/services, port 9200 is properly named? Any chance the service was just restarted by package update, automation software, etc?

so these are the entries in the /etc/services file

xinetd 9098/tcp
mysqlchk 9200/tcp # mysqlchk

even if the service is restarted it should have a log file ? the problem is there is a crash notice in the syslog for xinetd