xbstream error - xb_stream_read_chunk(): invalid checksum

Has anyone run into the following and been able to fix it?

xb_stream_read_chunk(): invalid checksum at offset 0x91a7be850: expected 0x3d87b010, read 0x8132513a.

A backup was created with the following command on Centos 6.9
innobackupex --stream=xbstream ${TEMPDIR} 2> $OUTPUT | gzip -3c - > ${DESTFILE}
(innobackupex version 2.3.8 on this machine)

When trying to restore the backup on LinuxMint 18.1 / Ubuntu 16.04 with the command below, partway through the process it fails with the error noted above.
gzip -dc ${fullPathToBackupFile} | xbstream -xv -
(innobackupex versin 2.3.7 on this machine)

I have tried different sources for the backup multiple times, but have always used the same destination for the restore.