xbstream on partial backups and restore


I am using percona-xtrabackup_2.0.5 on percona mysql 5.5.

My requirement is to backup (daily) only tables from one schema “xxxx” which is around 225 GB.

I am using options
–compress --compress-threads=8

It is faster as I can use parallel with xbstream. The problems I have are

  1. When I run xbstream -x on the output it always throws me “xb_stream_read_chunk(): wrong chunk magic at offset 0x…” error.
    It works fine on full backups (without --include/–table_file options) but NOT WITH PARTIAL BACKUP.

  2. space issue as i need to backup daily and the above yields to 114 gb file every day.

Does anyone has any suggestions?



Any solution for “xb_stream_read_chunk(): wrong chunk magic at offset 0x…” error on restoring partial backups?

Found 2.0.6 has fixed this issue. [bug/1155189]

Upgraded and it works fine!!