Where is call-home.sh

I want to build percona, it raise an error, i can not find call-home.sh

$ rpmbuild -bs ./percona-server.spec 
    Bad file: /root/percona/SOURCES/call-home.sh: No such file or directory

$ grep -n 'call-home.sh' build-ps/percona-server.spec
161:Source999:      call-home.sh
803:bash /tmp/call-home.sh -f "PRODUCT_FAMILY_PS" -v %{mysql_version}-%{percona_server_version}-%{rpm_release} -d "PACKAGE" &>/dev/null || :
804:rm -f /tmp/call-home.sh
$ find . -name 'call-home.sh'

Hi @imysql

Please remove lines that are related to the script.
It’s a part of telemetry.

Thank you.

It works after removed, thanks much.

hi @imysql
call-home.sh is our script that is used from another repository.
IN order not to have any issues with builds you can use our build script which is located in build-ps directory. So this script will help you to build packages just in the same way as we build.
As for call-home.sh you can get more information here: Percona Is Introducing Telemetry Mechanisms Into MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB