Where are log ?

Thank very much for the help of this forum.I don’t find where is log when I do a pbm backup or a pbm restore.And is there an option like verbose or other thing to see what happen ?
Only log I have are for the pbm agent.

As I see /var/log/pbm-agent.log stay empty if I use :
systemctl start pbm-agent.But if I use :nohup
> /var/log/pbm-agent.log 2>&1 &

I have log.Could you provide a system conf file with log please.

pbm-agent doesn’t have a log file path, like mongod does for example. It just writes all the log messages straight to stdout.
So this is more or less a question about where logs are when a program like that is being run by systemd. The answer is the stdout text gets redirected to the journald daemon and it saves it wherever. I don’t know if we can say this a syslog, but it’s like that.
So you can see the pbm-agent logs by executing: journalctl -u pbm-agent . If that shows too little, or too much, you will want to add other arguments to increase or filter lines. (-u is already a filter meaning “only from the unit pbm-agent”.)
I think journald saves the log data in /var/log/journald (by default), but the expectation is that you will use journalctl to print out only the messages you are interested in.