Pbm doesn't somtimes create pbm.json

I backup MongoDB Replica set with PBM ver2.1.0. Only one pbm-agent is setup on primary node and config storage type is filesystems on primary node. My problem is that sometimes, pbmbackup-job finishes, backupfull folder is created but file pbm.json isn’t.

Hi @Linh_T_Khanh
PBM agents should be run on every mongod node. And all of them have to have access to the same storage (meaning if your storage is “file system” you have to share the backup folder with all the agents somehow - NFS, shat have you). These are the requirements as backups usually start on any of the secondaries but restore always happens on the primary. Set up and configure - Percona Backup for MongoDB


Hi @Andrew_Pogrebnoi
If pbm service on secondary is down, what would happen with the backup progress? Would pbm.json is missing?

If pbm service on secondary is down, what would happen with the backup progress?

PBM will choose the agent only if it is available and connected to the healthy node. Hence if there is only one agent in the replica set, it will do a backup all the time. But it is not a recommended setup

Would pbm.json is missing?

pbm.json might be missing if some error happened during the backup.

what’s in the pbm status and pbm logs -sD -t0 -e backup/<backup_name> output? where <backup_name> is the name of the backup with no pbm.json

This is logs of backup without file pbm.json
I look forward to receiving your response

It looks like backup metadata is being wiped out from the mongod collection while a backup is running.
You’ve mentioned “pbmbackup-job” - is it a cron job? Do you have any other cron jobs running at the same time - backup retention, any other mongod maintenance?

  1. Can you show your pbm status output?
  2. Can you attach full PBM logs (pbm logs -sD -t0)? But in text, please, not screenshots.
  3. What MongoDB version do you use? What’s in the mongod logs?