When the Xtrabackup FIFO Streams feature will come to GA?

is there a timeline for when the FIFO Streams will be GA/Removed? We explored FIFO Streams to store data in Google storage and we see good backup timelines. Based on the GA of FIFO Streams, We will use it in our production environment where we have a larger cluster base.


The FIFO Streams feature is implemented in PXB - 8.0.33-28. You can check about the same more in detail here:- FIFO data sink - Percona XtraBackup

You can download the PXB from below official links -

What do you mean by FIFO Streams Removed ?

@anil.joshi ,

As per the Percona documentation, the FIFO Data Sink feature is in a tech preview state. As per the definition of Tech Preview if this feature is not working properly this feature will be removed. my question is when will this feature become GA?