when could we use prometheus 2.0 version?


I have a question about prometheus 2.0 version.

as I know, PMM use prometheus 1.8.2 version.

but the level db is very heavy.

and sometimes prometheus was crashed by the level db.


as you can see in this web page, the level db is not used any more in prometheus 2.0 version.

so please check upgrading prometheus version.


There is experimental build available https://www.percona.com/blog/2018/02/06/experimental-percona-monitoring-and-management-pmm-percona-labs/

We’re testing Prometheus 2 extensively now and working on integration. There are still some outstanding issues/bugs in prometheus to resolve so we can complete integration

any update for this? is there any ETA plan?

Hi tanj13

We don’t have a firm date for release yet, but we do plan for within the next 3 months to have Prometheus 2 available.

any update for this now?

we deployed pmm in our production envrionment. the server is under heavy load after monitoring multiple MySQL instances. we hope prometheus upgradation can improve the server’s performance.


I am very excited about prometheus2 improvements, is there any PMM launch date?

Prometheus takes up too much cpu resources, and we only monitor less than 100 mysql instance.
If we want to monitor thousands of mysql instances, I won’t use pmm because the load is too high.
The bottleneck lies in Prometheus

Hi kr0m , Fan , tanj13 , bckim

Just an update - we are scheduling release 1.13 to go out August 1, and we expect to include Prometheus2 in this release.