What is the good version of pmm for MySQL 5.5.62

Hi Everyone,

In my currently company, we would like to install pmm for MySQL 5.5.62.
I think that the good version of pmm is 1.17.5. That is true and can you confirm it ?

And we think we need docker ? My director want a RPM but like as said peter here : DEB/RPM Package to install PMM server - Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) / PMM 1.x - Percona Community Forum, it’s not available.

Thanks a lot !
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Welcome to Percona Community @greg_Atos,

As far as I remember, PMM 1 should work with MySQL 5.5. Also PMM1 was docker based so yes you’d need docker. BUT I’d strongly recommend you to perform an upgrade as MySQL 5.5 is long gone and PMM 1 is also no longer supported.
If you note the downloads section for Percona Monitoring and Management, you won’t find PMM 1.
I updated that link on the post (Percona Repo) and it is available. Though I will still recommend against the usage.


Thanks @kedarpercona, for your quick response :slight_smile:
And yes, we know, you’re right. MySQL 5.5 is long gone. But we have some constraints, with our customer. So, right now, we can’t upgrade MySQL and we need to use pmm1.
Thanks again.

Hi @greg_Atos
While PMM2 is not supporting MySQL 5.5 officially, I can confirm we have some users running PMM2 against MySQL 5.5
The pmm1 usage is not recommended as we EOL it, and no fixes are coming.
So, I recommend starting from the latest pmm 2 version for your installation. It might be slightly limited in some features against 5.5, but in general, pmm2 has more features than pmm1.

Ok ! Thanks @Roma_Novikov, we’ll start with pmm2 then :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

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Oups… I can’t use pmm2 because my pmm-client is in version 1 (and can’t upgrade because the customer constraints)
I tried to test a “pmm-admin config” (pmm-client 1) to connect a pmm2-server but did’nt work…
It works with pmm1-server :slight_smile:

Hi !
Sorry for the noise, I found a RPM for pmm2, centos7 so it’s ok :slight_smile:
pmm2-server is ok with this client.
Thanks a lot for your help and thanks for these great tools.

@greg_Atos, do you refer to GitHub - Percona-Lab/install-repo-pmm-server or some other way to install pmm2 rpms?

What is the limitation preventing you from pmm1->pmm2 (want to understand user problems on this topic better)?

Hi @Roma_Novikov, I refer to https://rhel.pkgs.org/7/percona-x86_64/pmm2-client-2.6.0-6.el7.x86_64.rpm.html, is it an official package, from your team?
No limitation now. It was beacause my customer repository is very old, so I could’nt install pmm2-client directly. So, I downloded this RPM and installed it.
Other question, this : Image Layer Details - percona/pmm-server:latest | Docker Hub, is it your official docker image for pmm2 server ? Thanks.

It works fine now, thanks a lot for your help/support.

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Yes, @greg_Atos the mentioned docker is the official images from Percona