What does Percona Monitoring and Management use as it's backend to store the data?

I’m looking at installing Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) to monitor my MySQL Databases. What does PMM use as it’s backend to store the data? (MySQL etc). At present we have various packages on our network used by different departments to monitor different areas of the business (e.g. zabbix to monitor the physical servers etc), and I am looking for something that I can implement for our databases as the company grows.

We also have an in house system that reads data from these different systems to provide a very high level output that is suitable for customer consumption. As a consequence I would need this system to be able to tap into the PMM data to pull out high level summaries. Ideally therefore it would be in a MySQL database.


PMM uses multiple databases to store data, however the two most important databases are Prometheus and MySQL. We use Prometheus to store the time series metrics data that powers our dashboards, and MySQL stores the Query Analytics data.

We have no plans to store metrics data in MySQL, so if you want to read out PMM Metrics from an API end point, you’ll have to dig into the Prometheus API https://prometheus.io/docs/prometheus/latest/querying/api/

We don’t expose the MySQL port outside of the docker container, but you can do this when you start the instance with an additional -p 3306:3306, and configure a MySQL user in order to access the Query Analytics data.

Can you tell me which systems you expect will read into PMM? If it is an off the shelf product we might be able to look into some sort of integration, so that you don’t need to write all the lines of code yourself.

cheers for that. Our in house system is simply a PHP / Javascript web front end.

Great! Anything further we can provide to you for your needs with your in-house PHP / Javascript web front end?