Very large log file not rotating. How to rotate pmm-linux-metrics-42000.log?

System: Ubuntu Server 18.04, PMM 1.17.4

My /var/log/pmm-linux-metrics-42000.log is currently 5.7G. Do I need to create a manual rotate script in /etc/logrotate.d/ or is there a configuration anywhere to manage this? There was an unseen error on the server, and it caused the log to stack up.

Hi @csheridan,

Yes, no log rotate script has provided with pmm-client package.
You may create your own script or redirect log into the system journal.
It can be done by just removing log redirection in the unit file /etc/systemd/system/pmm-linux-metrics-42000.service

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That was incredibly informative. I will probably create a logrotate script, since I would like to keep the log file. Thank you for the useful info!

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