Slow query log keeping in check

Will PMM keep the Slow Query log from growing to a crazy value?

I have tried using the Persona options for keeping the slow query log rotated by using “max_slowlog_size” available in PS 5.5 and it can’t then read the log using this.

There is a problem in 1.0.4 version with slow log rotation.

On Wednesday we will have 1.0.5 release which fixes that: correctly detect when the slow log is rotated and also perform its own rotation.

Ok thanks,

So we’ll still have to rotate ourselves or will PMM do it for us?


PMM will rotate automatically. The release 1.0.5 will be this Friday.

Ok thanks, will stop rolling out to new servers until then.

I see that the log rollover is working well in 1.0.5.

Where are the config options set for the size and how many old files to keep?


They are hard-coded for now: 1G max file size, purge old log and keep only previous one.
We will be improving the QAN settings page with the next releases to make it more flexible.

Great thank you for clarification.