utf8mb4, iOS smiles and 4 bytes symbols bugs

Hi. I have running Percona Server (5.5.33-31.1 - Percona Server (GPL), Release rel31.1, Revision 2) on my Hostgator hosting (this guys no hurry to any updates) and because hosting is webshared i can’t update Percona by himself.

I install Wordpress (without plugins and other stuff) and I can’t save any 4 bytes symbol (iOS smiles) in DB. I try to insert it manually in PHP My Admin and that I see:


I switch my DB from utf8_general_ci to utf8mb4_general_ci and now I can save 4 bytes symbols, but I get another errors — i can’t create some tables. Example:

​I try to execute this query manually in PHP My Admin and:


How to fix this and what version of Percona Server don’t have this errors (bugs)?

Maybe you suggest another huge bugs of this version of Percona and then I can convince administrators to update the server? :slight_smile:

More info about smiles: stackoverflow.com/questions/9509668/iphone-emoticons-insert-into-mysql-but-become-blank-value

Why does this character (U+1F621) even get encoded to 4 bytes? 3 would be enough. Who does the encoding?

Damn, forget what I said. The 4 bytes are actually required and correct.