doubt pt-table-checksum in charset utf8mb4

Hello people.

I’m trying to use the pt-table-checksum command, but it tries to check a master and slave mysql, it displays the following error.

Error executing checksum query: DBD :: mysql :: st execute
failed: Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4’ [for Statement "REPLACE INTO percona.checksums (db, tbl, chunk, chunk_index, lower_boundary,
upper_boundary, this_cnt, this_crc)

This error is because he can’t read the table he’s checking or because he can’t create the percona.checksums table?

I understand that it is because he cannot read the table that in this case it is in latin1, if yes is there any way to send the command pt-table-checksum, use the charset latin1 instead of utf8mb4?
Version of Percona-toolkit: 3.2.0
Version of MySQL: 5.1.73
Any idea?
Best Regards.

Could you copy/paste the error including the error line number?
What I can see is that the tool is trying to set the character set to utf8mb4 but you are using MySQL 5.1, which doesn’t support it.
Please take into consideration that MySQL 5.1 is not a supported version.