Using Organization in Percona

Hello guys,

I’m new to using Percona, and I would like to know if there is any way to use the organization in Grafana as well.

I have this question, because I have an integration with different customer banks and I would like to separate the view of each one by the organization.

For example: I have customer A and customer B’s bank, so I want to create an organization called Percona 1 and put bank A there and another organization called Percona 2 with bank B.


Internally, PMM cannot isolate queries for customer A vs customer B. More importantly, MySQL cannot separate stats between databases.



So for each client I need to create a PMM-Server right?? Since I can’t center on one PMM-Server and divide by organizations.

Correct me if I misunderstood…



If you have hard rules that Customer A cannot see Customer B data, yes you need to use separate PMM Servers since VictoriaMetrics and QAN don’t attmpt to separate content based on tenants or other concepts.

If you want to make best-effort isolation of A from B, then you can certainly use Orgs and limit the access per group to their relevant Org. Then your next task would be to define the graphs in so that Org A only sees Customer A instances (by regex maybe?). You’d also wnat to disable Edit from the Customers so that they can’t modify the regex filters to see data they aren’t supposed to.

In short - multiple PMM Servers are better suited to logically separate your Customers. you can try to hack it in one PMM Server but it can be easily circumvented