Using innobackupex to duplicate a database

I am trying to use innobackupex to duplicate a live MySQL instance (i.e. mysqld_multi) that contains two databases as a second instance in my test environment. I have the prepared backup in place on the test master along with the mysqld_multi configuration, but when I try to start it up (mysqld_multi start 2), it tells me that it cannot find the binary log index file (mysqld-bin.index). There isn’t one since the backup didn’t create one but I’m unsure how to get past this. Simply creating an empty index file doesn’t work.

Am I missing something obvious here? Also, are there any other catches that I may encounter in using the same copy of the backup (aside from users) to create the test replica that could bite me in this process? Or is there a better approach to what I’m trying to do?


I just realized the main problem was not fixing the ownership and permissions of the new data and log directories.

Hi Justin,

Is your problem solved or you are still facing the same issue? If yes, then can you provide some more information like error logs and command lines for how you are taking/restoring backup via Innobackupex?

The permissions fix resolved my problem.