Users Credentials

Server A(old): MySQL 5.1, Server B(New): MySQL 5.7. OS on both: RH Linux 6.8

I have exported DBs from Server A to Server B using mysql workbench. I have installed PERCONA tool kit on Server A.

I need to copy all the users and their passwords to Server B. I am getting errors on Server A when I run the following commands:

]$ pt-show-grants>grants.sql

-bash: grants.sql: Permission denied

$ pt-show-grants

DBI connect(’;;mysql_read_default_group=client’,’’,…) failed: Access denied for user ‘xyz’@‘localhost’ (using password: NO) at /usr/bin/pt-show-grants line 1367

1: Do I need to add user ID and password to above PT command to access Server A? How ? I need users IDs and permissions of all users on Server A for restore on Server B. I am able to login to both servers without a problem. I am just getting errors on PT command.

2: Do I need to install PERCONA Tool kit on Server B to restore?

Thanks for your help.