Use --redo-only option when preparing a second incremental backup


in we see that when executing --apply-log for the incremental backup the --redo option is omitted in the second incremental.

First we have:


The lack of ‘–redo-only’ is a typo or it is necessary?.
If it is not a typo what is the difference between the first and subsequents incremental backups which changes the procedure?


–redo-only is not typo. The second backup with INCREMENTAL-DIR-2 assumed it’s the last backup.
–redo-only option skips rollback and it should be excluded from the last backup. --redo-only option is used in full + incremental backup scheme.

Quoted from the manual:
Note: --redo-only should be used when merging all incrementals except the last one. That’s why the previous
line doesn’t contain the --redo-only option. Even if the --redo-only was used on the last step, backup would
still be consistent but in that case server would perform the rollback phase.

Thanks a lot for your answer, Mirfan.

The incremental backup was correctly restored. However I have another problem with incremental backup + partial backup, I will open other thread for it