Incremental Backup from Fullbackup

Hello Everyone,

I am taking the full backup of my database.

The take incremental backup also

but here i not clears the use of --apply-log-only and --redo-only.

dont know where used this to flags

I also refer the percona xtrabackup docs any one can help in same…

Hello EveryOne

I have try the Incremental backup

In our scenario we have take the full backup on saturday. and incremental on Monday to Friday …

Now after Incremental I have applied apply with –redo-only on full backup

Then --apply-log on Monday INC the base dir is Full-Backup this done but, issue with Tue INC we can not --apply-log here for Tue INC base dir is Monday Incremental.

is not done…

Please help in this anyone knows how to make incremental backup for week …