Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated at /usr/bin/pt-online-schema-change

Hello I have Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS with MySQL 5.5.29, Perl v5.14.2, and Percona Toolkit 2.1.9.

Im trying to use pt-online-schema-change, but getting an error message that parentheses are deprecated.

root@server1:~# wget
root@server1:~# tar xvfz percona-toolkit.tar.gz
root@server1:~# cd percona-toolkit-2.1.9/
root@server1:~/percona-toolkit-2.1.9# cd bin
root@server1:~/percona-toolkit-2.1.9/bin# pt-online-schema-change --alter “ADD COLUMN c1 INT” D=sakila,t=actor

Use of qw(…) as parentheses is deprecated at /usr/bin/pt-online-schema-change line 4105.


That problem is caused by a change in perl that now deprecates qw(). I see that the problem is already solved in pt-kill. Can you please try to run the tool again but with the latest version 2.2.2?

If it shows the same error message, please tell me and I will open a new bug report.