pt-online-schema-change in version 2.2.12 doesn't honour --ask-pass anymore

Hi all,

after installing the version 2.2.12 of the Toolkit I was hit by a regression:
pt-online-schema-change doesn’t honour the commandline option --ask-pass anymore.

I wanted to file a bug in Launchpad, but I had to find out that I need an Ubuntu One Single Sign On whatsoever account for that.
Sorry, but I’m not interested in such an account.

Relevant diff from 2.2.11 to 2.2.12 in pt-online-schema-change:

@@ -3755,7 +3755,7 @@
set => $args{set},
NAME_lc => defined($args{NAME_lc}) ? $args{NAME_lc} : 1,
dbh_set => 0,

  • ask_pass => $o->get(‘ask-pass’),
  • ask_pass => $args{ask_pass},
    DSNParser => $dp,
    is_cluster_node => undef,
    parent => $args{parent},

While testing I was hit by something different. When you hit CTRL-C in the interactive password dialogue the terminal remains in an inconsistent state: You don’t see any terminal output anymore. That’s really bad as you can easily run history commands without seeing that.

I would really appreciate if someone could file a bug for these two issues.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for reporting these errors. I have already reported bugs. Please subscribe it so you can get update.